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International Office of the Urals Institute of Public Administration

The goal of the International Office is integration into the global sphere of education, research, and innovation with a focus on the development and strengthening of international connections and academic partnerships with higher educational institutions, research centers, and international professional associations and foundations. 


Main areas of international cooperation:

1. «International Club of the Urals Institute», an English-language club, focused on establishing cross-cultural connections and dialogues through the discussion of various topics connected with international issues of society, culture, politics, education, and other related questions.  In addition, students are consulted in the area of international opportunities through grants, stipends, scholarships, exchange programs, etc. 


2. Student and Staff Mobility: Students, professors, and administrative staff have the chance to receive up-to-date information about grant opportunities and mobility schemes, participation in conferences and seminars, and exchange programs.


3. Development of International Contacts: The International Office works to establish and maintain connections with diplomatic missions of the Ural Federal District, as well as to invite foreign researchers, scholars, representatives of foreign consulates, and search for grant-providing organizations.


International partners

  • London Metropolitan University (Great Britain),  
  • East Carolina University (USA), 
  • Harbin University of Commerce (China),
  • Institute of International Education,
  • Matej Bel University (Slovakia), 
  • International Institute of Administrative Science – IIAS – IISA (Belgium), 
  • Regional University of Administration - Lille (France),
  • Institute of Eastern Studies (Warsaw), 
  • The Network of Institutes and Schools of Public Administration in Central and Eastern Europe (NISPAcee); , 
  • British Consulate-General in Yekaterinburg, 
  • German Consulate-General in Yekaterinburg, 
  • American Consulate-General in Yekaterinburg,
  • Chinese Consulate-General in Yekaterinburg, 
  • Consulate-General of Kyrgyzstan in Yekaterinburg, 
  • Consulate-General of Tajikistan in Yekaterinburg,
  • Ebert Foundation (Germany). 
Yuliya V. Idova – Head of International Office:
Tel./fax +7  (343)257-45-67, 
E-mail: interuapa@uapa.ru
Alyona S. Nikitina – Specialist of International Office
Tel. +7 (343)257-44-73,
E-mail: alena.nikitina@uapa.ru

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