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Professional development courses

Professional development courses

Center of Professional Development and Training of Civil Servants

The Center of Professional Development and Training of Civil Servants is a structural subdivision of the Urals Institute of Administration – BRANEPA.  The aim of the program is to train and development civil servants of the Urals Federal District.  The programs are designed to meet the market demand in highly qualified specialists who hold administrative positions and combine the best in Russian and international practices.  The duration of the courses is either 72 hours or 108.  Upon finishing the program, participants will receive the State Certificate of Completion.

Courses are organized with the help of modern technologies, learning materials and are supported by interactive webinars and computer-based activities.




Director Olga Dzyuba Tel. +7 (343) 251-77-18


620990, 8 Marta St. 66 , Yekaterinburg, Russia

Room 405


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